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Dr. Fleming
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I have seen many chiropractors over the years, however the providers at
Active Health Solutions are the cream of the crop!

The level of care and expertise that is provided is the best of any other
office I have been too. No other office has been able to give me the level
of relief that I have been seeking.

Choosing to see one of the providers at Active Health Solutions will be one
of the best health decisions you will make.



Mike F said to me "Billy Neumeister, how LONG until You CAN retire?"
I had worked a very physical job for 33 years at that point.

I replied, a year and a half. "Good, I can get you that far, but Billy you have to find another way." He said also, "You work, you play an instrument - drums; you live an active life: skiing, skating, etc. You are wearing out your arms and body faster than you can repair them."

All in all that was the best advice I ever received from a really talented and honest doctor about my physical well being. I retired early, got way more sleep, lowered my physical stress level and now years later I am pretty much pain free.

It is a very comforting thought to think that the quality of life in the Anchorage area is supported by these two really nice talented fair minded Doctors. Sleeping pain free and knowing that they ...wait for it... "Got my back" ...ouch, is really Kool!

Billy, Retired ski bum in a ski bummer season 2016


Dr. Fleming and the Active Health Solutions (AHS) Team have helped me to recover from hip and back injuries that I previously thought I would just have to ‘learn to live with’ for the rest of my life. Knowledgeable, experienced, cutting-edge, caring; he is also the number one reason that I am able to maintain an extreme active lifestyle well into my 40’s and beyond! I cannot recommend AHS enough.



After seeing a series of chiropractors over 15 years, I finally found relief with Dr. Mike Fleming and Active Release Therapy. Where other doctors had adjusted and adjusted and adjusted me, resulting in a back that would go back out of alignment almost before I left the parking lot, Dr. Fleming’s ART supported my body in rebuilding strength and stability. Results? My pain was brought under control for the first time in years.